Are you thinking of investing in your first property?

If that’s the case, there’s an important rite of passage you need to go through: it’s multi-family properties. In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Amanda Barker, Javier Gomez and I chat about the important lessons new investors learn from owning multi-family properties and why this step shouldn’t be skipped. While you do make more money in syndications, you need to learn the ropes of this industry and there’s no better way than to start with a multi-family property where you’re doing the property management yourself.

We also chat about their experiences with masterminds and why it was worth the investment for them, what books they recommend, and what mistakes they’ve learned from in the past.

What we discuss:

00:24: How did Amanda and Javier get into real estate?
08:36: Should you start with real estate syndications or multi-family properties? 09:21: Do Amanda and Javier still manage their properties?
10:20: What markets are Amanda and Javier in?
12:00: How has capital raising worked out for Amanda and Javier?
14:32: Were they limited partners before they were general partners?
18:36: What is the mastermind they are in like?
23:45: What is their morning routine?
26:10: What books do they recommend?
28:20: Are masterminds worth the investment?
31:36: What’s a mistake they learned from?

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