What if losing your job is just what you need to accelerate your real estate investment plans?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Jay Helms and I chat about how losing his job allowed him to go all into his real estate journey. It also allowed him to see how much of a difference and impact a community of like-minded people can do on your business, which is why he started W2capitalist. Jay explains what he learned from his experience with mentorship, which books he recommends, and what’s the biggest lesson he’s learned up to now.

What we discuss:

01:25: About Jay
10:30: What does W2Capitalist mean?
18:30: What kind of deals is Jay working on?
26:54: What is Jay’s morning routine?
30:10: How is Jay’s experience with his RV?
32:40: What books does Jay recommend?
36:45: What is Jay’s experience with coaching and mentorship? 38:25: What’s one of Jay’s mistakes?

To learn more about Jay:
Website: w2capitalist.com