Do you ever rush something because you’re just so close to the finish line?

That’s something David Sanford has done in the past and he had to pay the price. In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our host Ben Nelson speaks with David about the lessons he had to learn the hard way in real estate and the importance of trusting yourself above anything else. They also chat about when one should start looking to delegate the management of their properties.

What we discuss:

00:19: About David
07:50: How does David manage his properties?
10:27: How does David pick a market to invest in?
15:54: What’s the next step in David’s business?
16:33: What is David’s experience with coaching?
19:18: What kind of investors does David deal with?
19:55: What is David’s morning routine?
21:00: What books does David recommend?
22:20: What’s the biggest mistake David did?
26:19: What mindset tip does David have?

To learn more about David:


Instagram: @davidsanford215