Do you have the right people around you?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Rod Khleif shares his top mindset tips when it comes to becoming a real estate entrepreneur in a challenging economy. The biggest contributor to one’s success is who you pick to be around and who find easy the things you find difficult to do.

We also chat about Rod’s morning routine and the importance of visualization every single day to stay focused on your goals. Lastly, Rod covers the steps you can follow to prepare yourself for the economic downturn coming ahead so you can seize the opportunities then.

What we discuss:

00:24: About Rob
12:24: How can you change your entourage?
19:34: How can you prepare for the economic downturn coming ahead?
27:20: What is Rod’s morning routine?
31:23: What books does Rod recommend?
33:01: What is Rod’s mindset tip?

To learn more about Rod:

Instagram: @rod_khleif