Do you have a dollar amount associated with success?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Taylor Adams shares how much more one can accomplish when one associates success with a feeling and a strong emotion rather than a dollar amount. In her opinion, conducting your business from a place where you are aligned with your why will allow you to go a lot further and stay consistent.

We also chat about what criteria she considers when shopping for a short-term rental property and what she learned the hard way about house hacking. Lastly, Taylor shares what she thinks success is and why she believes she is successful today.

What we discuss:

00:20: About Taylor
03:36: What was it like starting in real estate as a woman?
05:40: What does Taylor’s portfolio look like now?
06:42: How does Taylor select her properties?
13:38: What is Taylor’s plan for scaling?
15:42: What books does Taylor recommend?
17:00: What is Taylor’s morning routine?
18:44: What is Taylor’s “why”?
20:10: What is Taylor’s experience with coaching and masterminds?
22:33: What is Taylor’s biggest mistake and lesson?
24:29: What is Taylor’s definition of success?
25:00: Why does Taylor think she is successful?

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