Is your job sucking the soul out of you?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Tim Rhoda, Pat Hiban and I chat about the signs that it’s time to leave your soul-sucking job. They introduce a tool known as the “soul-sucking meter” to help you establish where you are at in your career and offer some practical advice as to how to take action when you are fearful.

We also chat about what it means to “quit” and what it means to add more balls to your game as an entrepreneur. 

What we discuss:

00:38: About Tim and Pat’s book

02:42: Why did they write this book?

04:07: What does quitting mean for Pat and Tim?

09:12: What is the soul-sucking meter?

12:23: What does it mean to add more balls to the game?

20:35: What was it like for Tim and Pat to write the book?

36:46: What advice does Tim and Pat have for getting the goods in the woods?

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