Do you feel like it’s “too late” for you to learn about real estate and get started?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Pasha Esfandiary and I chat about the importance of taking the time to invest in yourself. While 3 to 5 years may feel like a lot of time to learn a new skill, it actually represents less than 10% of your adult life. Thus, it is worth the time-commitment as it will pay off for a longer period of time than it actually took you to acquire the knowledge.

We also chat about Pasha’s learning experiences and why he’s grateful for them, his favorite books, and why he believes he is successful.

What we discuss:

00:30: About Pasha
06:45: How did Pasha get started in real estate?
11:50: What did Pasha’s early investing look like?
14:49: What is Pasha’s fund like?
20:06: What is Pasha’s morning routine?
25:45: What books does Pasha recommend?
27:12: What is Pasha’s experience with coaching and mentorship? 29:05: What mistake would Pasha not repeat?
31:00: What is Pasha’s definition of success?
32:33: Why does Pasha think he is successful?

To learn more about Pasha:

LinkedIn: Pasha Esfandiary