In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Clif Luber and I chat about active and passive investing in the real estate industry. Clif explains how he started as a limited partner and slowly moved towards becoming a general partner.

We also chat about what it’s like to work a full-time job when you’re investing in real estate as well. Most people think that they can only do one, but the reality is you can do both especially if you have a greater purpose you are fulfilling through your day job.

What we discuss:

01:00 – About Cliff
02:29: How can you get educated on real estate?
05:04: How did Clif’s journey bring him to real estate?
07:35: Is Clif happy he took the route he did?
21:00: What markets are Clif looking at?
25:31: What is it like to work a W-2 and be a real estate investor?
33:02: What is Clif’s morning routine?
34:31: What books does Clif recommend?
38:00: What is Clif’s experience with mentorship and coaching?
40:39: What is Clif’s definition of success?
41:30: Why are some people successful and others aren’t?

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