Do you own a home? It may be all you need to get started with investing in real estate.

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Matthew Sullivan and co-host Ben Nelson chat about Home Equity Agreements. Essentially, a Home Equity Agreement is when you sell a share in the potential appreciation of your home, helping you unlock your home equity with no monthly payments and no added debt. Matthew explains what the process is like, what the minimum requirements are, and what a full-term agreement looks like.

Matthew also shares some advice about how to pick your real estate investments and how you can differentiate a “real deal” from one that is not.

What we discuss:

00:46: About Matthew
05:55: What is the process like to get started with Matthew?
10:39: What does a full-term agreement look like?
15:31: How did Matthew create this product?
28:42: How does this look like for investors and homeowners?
33:00: How many people work at Matthew’s company?
35:40: How did Matthew get into the headspace of creating a business like this?
38:15: What books does Matthew recommend?
40:42: Did coaching or mentorship help Matthew along his career?
42:20: How can you differentiate what is real and what is not?

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