Ever visited a resort-style property for a wedding and wonder how much cashflow they generate?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Amit Gaglani and I chat about how he went from physical therapist to real estate investor. Today, one of his main focuses is his resort which acts as the venue for many cash-flow-heavy events that have an emotional component to them. We also chat about how he financed these types of deals as most resorts are stressed-out properties that need to be renovated.

Lastly, Amit shares his experience with coaching and mentorship as well as why he believes he is more successful than others.

What we discuss:

00:10 – About Amit
06:07: How did Amit get started in real estate?
16:00: Where is Amit going from here?
21:44: When can one get better death?
25:32: What is Amit’s favorite book?
26:53: What is Amit’s morning routine?
28:15: Was coaching and mentorship worth the investment for Amit?
29:43: What is the biggest lesson Amit learned?
32:00: What is Amit’s definition of success?

To learn more about Amit:

Website: accountableequity.com