Looking to save some extra cash on your properties?
In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Yonah Weiss and I chat about cost segregation. This is a tax strategy that allows real estate owners to utilize accelerated depreciation deductions to increase cash flow, and reduce the federal and state income taxes they pay on their income. Yonah goes through the ins and outs of how a real estate investor can gain from using this concept as well as the biggest misconceptions around it.
Yonah also shares what his morning routine is like, what his experience is with coaching, and why he believes that he’s successful in what he does today.

What we discuss:

00:35: About Yonah
02:54: What is cost segregation?
04:58: What can be computed in cost segregation?
08:50: What does depreciation on an asset look like in tax savings?
13:30: What’s the biggest misconception about this method?
17:06: When does this method make sense for the investor?
19:36: How does cost segregation look like on a tax return?
21:26: What is 100% bonus depreciation?
23:54: When does this method not work for an investor?
25:44: How long ahead can you carry losses?
26:36: What is Yonah’s morning routine?
28:21: What books does Yonah recommend?
29:42: What is Yonah’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
31:03: What is something that Yonah has done but would not repeat?
32:37: What is Yonah’s definition of success?


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