Do you know how much money you need to make passively to attain financial freedom?
In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with John Rickgarn about passive income. He shares with us how you can calculate how much money you need to earn passively to be financially free, what you can invest your money into to attain that goal and a tax tip for investors.
We also chat about the pros and cons of both syndications and single-family properties, John’s morning routine, and his definition of success. 


What we discuss:

00:19: About John
03:04: How did John get started in real estate?
06:06: What rental properties does John have?
07:00: What are the pros and cons of single-family?
08:57: What are the pros and cons of syndications?
11:00: Does John still have a W-2 job?
14:00: What is the best avenue for investing?
14:56: What is John’s podcast about?
17:07: What is John’s morning routine?
17:51: Which books does John recommend?
19:20: What is John’s experience with coaching?
20:15: What is one thing that John has done that he wouldn’t repeat?
21:15: Does John have any tax tips for investors?
23:50: What is John’s definition of success?
24:33: Why does John believe he is successful?
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