Do you have a passion you want to follow but are afraid of quitting your day job?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Jamie Gruber and I talk about his experience with transitioning from being a highly-paid executive to a real estate entrepreneur. While it may feel terrifying to leap, Jamie explains how he found the power within to do it and how he made the transition of following his dreams a smoother one.

Jamie also shares his advice for someone that is trying to find their passion and how they can identify when they are ready to make the big shift.

What we discuss:

00:40: About Jamie
05:18: How do you know you are ready for a big shift?
10:14: What would Jamie give as advice to someone looking for their passion?
16:24: How did the transition happen for Jamie to real estate?
20:48: What path did Jamie take after he discovered his passion?
28:02: What is Jamie’s company?
30:09: How many hours does Jamie work?
37:50: Is Jamie happy with his current routine?

To learn more about Jamie:

Instagram: @thejamiegruber