Are you obsessed with your goals?
In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Chad Erickson about the grit, determination, and drive to make it in the real estate industry. There is a misconception that real estate is simple and easy to set up, but it actually requires a lot of hard work. 
Chad shares how his obsessive behaviors when it came to business is what allowed him to be successful with every business endeavour he took on, especially real estate.
He also shares with us his morning routine, his experience with coaching, and what his definition of success is. 
What we discuss:
00:48: About Chad
07:35: Is Eric glad with the route he took?
10:17: What deals does Chad have in his pipeline?
12:16: Any regrets about the pool business?
16:18: What is it like to be a realtor recently?
17:16: What books does Chad recommend?
19:01: What does Chad’s morning routine look like?
20:34: What is Chad’s experience with coaching?
22:19: What mindset tip does Chad have for others?
25:18: What is Chad’s definition of success?
26:19: Why does Chad believe he is successful?
To learn more about Chad:
Instagram: @erickson_chad