In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host Ben Nelson chats with Dustin Heiner about taking the big leap toward real estate. They discuss how you can set up your business for success from the ground up, what kind of questions you should be asking a property manager and Dustin’s definition of financial freedom.

We also chat about Dustin’s morning routine, which books he recommends, and a few mindset tips.

What we discuss:

01:16: About Dustin
8:39: How to take the leap toward real estate?
14:35: Why did Dustin get into coaching?
-25:55: What is Dustin’s definition of financial freedom?
27:30: What is the right way to build a real estate business?
34:08: How to overcome the hardest part of starting a real estate business?
38:14: What questions should you ask property managers?
41:50: What is Dustin’s morning routine?
43:42: What books does Dustin recommend?
55:01: What mindset tips does Dustin have?

To learn more about Dustin:

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