Think that self-storage may be your next investment?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, Joe Evangelisti and I chat about self-storage. Joseph goes through the top advantages of investing in self-storage that we don’t get in multi-family. He also discusses the numbers in this sector of real estate and how he transitioned into this real estate sector.

Lastly, Joe shares what he thinks most people should expect to take away from the coaching experience. Most people think that coaching will allow them to take the right actions, failing to realize that only they can take the action.

What we discuss:

00:34: About Joe
02:30: How did Joe transition into real estate?
06:25: How did Joe get started in development?
09:06: What are the advantages of self-storage/
11:46: What do the numbers look like in self-storage?
16:40: When is Joe’s event?
18:46: Which markets does Joe operate his business in?
20:06: What does Joe’s morning routine look like?
23:59: What is Joe’s experience with coaching?
27:45: What is Joe’s definition of success?

To learn more about Joe:

Website: Storage Syndicate
Coaching: Legacy Builder
Instagram: @joe_evangelisti