Having trouble with learning the basics of underwriting?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host Ben Nelson chats with Jason Baik. They cover the basics of underwriting, how an underwriter can make the numbers on a deal work for you, and the mistakes many beginners tend to make.

They also chat about the books Jason recommends, the mistakes he made in his career, and what his definition of success is.

What we discuss:
00:44: About Jason
01:44: What drove Jason to get started in real estate?
03:22: Why did Jason get started in underwriting?
05:29: What mistakes do beginner underwriters do?
11:19: What levers does Jason tend to pull?
14:54: Which metrics are most important?
18:40: Which value-based strategies is Jason applying these days?
20:44: Why did Jason start his courses?
26:12: How did Jason build this company?
32:12: Which books does Jason recommend?
34:35: What mistakes did Jason make in his career?
37:12: What is Jason’s definition of success?

To learn more about Jason:

Course: The Underwriting Lab
Linked In: Jason Baik