Are you using dynamic pricing for your short-term rentals?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Josh Hatter about short-term rentals. From pricing through dynamic pricing to the guest experience, we chat about how you can maximize the revenues of your short-term rentals.
Josh also shares his experience with mentorship, why he believes in putting in work without compensation, and more.

What we discuss:
00:17: About Josh
08:38: What does the cash flow look like in a $4M property?
12:30: What does the future hold for Josh?
13:40: How can you optimize the guest experience?
17:34: What is Josh’s morning routine?
19:28: What software does Josh use for dynamic pricing?
22:55: What type of loans is Josh getting?
24:32: What books does Josh recommend?
27:35: What’s Josh’s experience with mentorship and coaching?
31:50: What’s Josh’s definition of success?
33:43: Why does Josh think he is successful?
42:33: Where can you learn more about Josh?

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