Is online advertising effective for attracting investors?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset, we chat with Flint Jamison about the pros and cons of fund of funds, what the returns are like, and what it’s like to raise for these types of assets. Flint shares his advice for marketing to investors and what he believes is the best tactic for getting them to invest.
Flint also shares his definition of success, why he believes he is successful, and his personal experience with mentorship and coaching.

What we discuss:

00:44: About Flint
03:45: How did Flint raise money the first time?
09:00: What are the pros and cons of fund of funds?
11:05: What are the returns of the fund of funds?
15:07: How is it like raising for a built-to-rent?
18:14: What’s next for Flint?
19:29: What are construction costs like these days?
21:20: What tips does Flint have for marketing?
25:06: What is Flint’s morning routine?
25:39: What books does Flint recommend?
27:41: What is Flint’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
30:00: What is Flint’s definition of success?
32:07: Why does Flint believe he is successful?
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