Do you know your personal and business financials like the back of your hand?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host Ben Nelson chats with Joseph DiSanto about his experience as a fractional CFO. Through Joseph’s business, he was able to start working with clients on a personal finance level where he gained some shocking insight into what the average American’s retirement fund looks like.

Joseph also chats about passive income, how real estate can fit into your portfolio, and what he believes success looks like.

What we discuss:
00:28: About Joseph
06:53: What was Joseph’s experience with personal finance?
14:06: When did Joseph realize he can be a fractional CFO?
28:23: What is Joseph’s fourth pillar for financial success?
29:32: How does Joseph see his business grow?
31:26: What does Joseph think of passive income?
37:12: How does real estate fit into one’s financial plan?
42:27: What books does Joseph recommend?
44:56: Where to learn more about Joseph?

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