Are there tasks you do on your day-to-day that could be delegated or outsourced?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, we chat with guest Greg Brooks about the different ways real estate business owners can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. From underwriting to cold emailing, there’s a lot of tasks that can be systemized and handed over to a virtual assistant to take care.

Greg also shares why he believes he is successful, his current book recommendations, and what his morning routine is like.

What we discuss:
02:04: About Greg
05:08: How does Greg’s business work?
09:45: What kinds of staff does Greg offer?
11:47: What the user experience like?
16:17: What plans does Greg have for Rocket Station?
23:06: What is Greg’s morning routine?
23:42: What books does Greg recommend?
25:19: What’s Greg’s experience with mentorship and coaching?
27:51: What is Greg’s definition of success?
30:02: Why does Greg believe he is successful?
32:45: Where can you learn more about Greg?


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