Are you focusing on more than one goal at a time?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host Ben Nelson chats with Matthew Ablakan about the importance of developing a strong mindset if you want to be successful in business. From learning how to focus on one thing at a time to seeing his parents as business partners, he has a lot to share.

He also shares which investments he made in the past that he regrets, what his experience with coaching was like, and what his definition of success is.

What we discuss:
00:18: About Matthew
04:26: Did Matthew’s parents support his entrepreneurial tendencies from the beginning?
07:06: What does Millennial’s Choice Group do?
09:06: Why was real estate interesting for Matthew?
14:16: What’s Matthew’s book about?
15:33: What are Matthew’s plans for Millennial Choice Group?
18:09: How can someone get started in the real estate investing game?
20:51: What is Matthew’s experience with coaching?
22:19: Which investments did Matthew regret making?
24:40: What books does Matthew recommend?
25:34: What mindset tips does Matthew have?
27:37: What is Matthew’s definition of success?
28:21: Why does Matthew believe he is successful?
29:13: Where can you learn more about Matthew?

To learn more about Matthew:
You Tube: YouTube Channel

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