How do you build the perfect team from the ground up?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host Ben Nelson chats with our guest Sabrina Guler about how she built her team from the ground up after she left her job at Apple. She explains how important it is to make the shift from betting on yourself to betting on the people you hire, why entrepreneurs need to learn how to delegate, and what she learned from her mistakes.

Sabrina also shares the importance of knowing your numbers, as it is the easiest way to reduce stress and any perceived risk in potential real estate investments.

What we discuss:
00:17: About Sabrina
04:34: How did Sabrina get into real estate?
07:46: When did Sabrina know it was a good time to quit Apple?
10:05: How does Sabrina’s business operate?
13:05: When did Sabrina decide to start a fund?
16:24: What was the next step for Sabrina and her partner in her business?
1915: How did Sabrina build her team?
21:18: How does Sabrina keep her team members on the same page?
26:06: How long did it take for Sabrina and her partner to start hiring?
27:17: How does Sabrina pick the people she hired?
31:34: What stumbling blocks has Sabrina encountered?
35:41: What routines does Sabrina have?
37:25: What does success look like to Sabrina?
40:15: Where to learn more about Sabrina?

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