Do you know what it takes to win everything you’ve ever wanted?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Justin Ledford about what it takes to accomplish big goals such as winning hefty government contracts.

While actually taking action is a big part of the equation, the mindset, routines, and visualizations you do every day is the equally important as it primes your mind to take the necessary physical steps.

Justin also shares his favorite reads, what his morning routine is like, and what his definition of success is.

What we discuss:
01:17: About Justin
05:06: What did it take for Justin to do thing differently?
08:45: How does Justin create time for routines?
12:41: What is Justin’s goal for this year?
18:22: What books does Justin recommend?
20:55: How important is Justin’s morning routine to his success?
23:32: What is Justin’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
24:22: What is Justin’s definition of success?
25:04: Why does Justin believe he is successful?


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