Are you waiting until your plan is perfect to take action?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Jason Yarusi about the importance of taking imperfect action over making a perfect plan. When we wait for perfection, we lose out on time that could be spent progressing towards your goal instead.

Jason also shares the benefits of developing relationships with multiple banks. Doing so allows you to have a roster of tools you can turn to depending on the different types of investment opportunities that fall into your lap.

What we discuss:

00:21: How did Jason get started in real estate?
05:21: What will Jason do next?
09:01: Is Jason going to focus on Multi-family?
12:36: What piece of advice does Jason have for someone who wants to do the same thing?
20:31: What books does Jason recommend? xxx
22:45: What is Jason’s morning routine?
25:02: What is Jason’s experience with mentorship and coaching?
27:10: What is Jason’s definition of success?
28:12: Why does Jason believe he is successful?

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