Is cost segregation worth it for small real estate investors?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, my co-host Ben Nelson and I chat with Natalie Kolodij about the tax advantages you can reap the benefits of when you invest in real estate. She shares the common mistakes she finds that people make in their taxes and tax-saving opportunities that many people tend to skip over.

Natalie also shares her experience with coaching, what books she recommends, and what her morning routine is like.

What we discuss:
00:14: About Natalie
01:35: How does Natalie work?
06:48: What are Natalie’s thoughts on cost segregation?
08:45: How do you qualify for a real estate professional designation?
11:23: What are passive losses?
13:42: What can happen to your schedule if you change accountant?
17:57: The truth about your tax situation in real estate
19:12: How can you save taxes on gains from the sale of a property?
21:18: Is depreciation optional?
27:01: What are the main errors people make in their taxes?
35:35: What is Natalie’s morning routine?
38:03: What books does Natalie recommend?
42:40: What is Natalie’s experience with coaching and mentorship?

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