Is it wise to put all your energy on bringing in sales when starting a new business?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Dan Rochon about his experience of starting his business and how he survived being broke for the first 6 months. While he eventually got out of it and now has a successful business, he did learn a few lessons as to how one should build a business from the ground up to avoid being in the difficult financial situation he was in at the time.

Dan also shares why he thinks some people are successful and others aren’t – it all comes back to your “why” and knowing what you are working towards.

What we discuss:
00:21: About Dan
03:43: What would Dan do differently today based on what he knows now?
05:51: What tools does Dan offer?
16:59: How does Dan help his clients?
19:24: What platforms are Dan using to find data?
24:58: What is Dan’s morning routine like?
26:55: What books does Dan recommend?
32:09: Is coaching worth the money?
36:08: What is Dan’s definition of success?
38:40: Where to learn more about Dan?

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