Do you put yourself out there enough?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host Ben Nelson chats with Morad Fiki about the importance of building a personal brand and diffusing your message on social media platforms. Many players in the real estate industry are afraid to put themselves out there, but with real estate being a contact-sport and relationships-driven, you need to do just that to be successful.
Morad also talks about his definition of success. Not only does he think that achieving success requires that you do everything that it takes, but it also means you must believe you are capable of doing it. Mindset is just as important as the physical action you take.

What we discuss:
00:17: How did Morad get started in real estate?
03:10: How did Morad choose his niche?
04:47: How did Morad grow his community on social media?
05:48: How did Morad nail down his brand?
09:24: What does it take to be successful in real estate?
10:38: What does Morad look for in team members?
11:39: What does success look like as a real estate agent?
13:42: What does the real estate market look like lately?
17:28: What type of real estate has Morad invested in?
22:14: What books does Morad recommend?
22:50: What is Morad’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
23:45: What’s the biggest mistake that Morad has ever made?
25:10: Why does Morad believe he is successful?

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