How important are relationships for future business?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Kyle Kunkel about the importance of building relationships with people and how exactly he has made connections with people in the past through his missions.
He also explains what’s the perfect type of property that Kyle likes to sell but that the real secret to his success in sales is to actually sell what the client wants to have, which you can discover through actually listening to them.

What we discuss:
00:49: About Kyle
08:20: How did Kyle develop his relationships?
11:21: How can missions help you build relationships?
14:44: What’s a perfect property to sell?
20:49: What does success look like for Kyle?
24:57: How can you create a well rounded life?
25:44: What is Kyle’s morning routine?
29:29: What books does Kyle recommend?
32:00: What is Kyle’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
33:56: What is Kyle’s definition of success?
35:01: Why does Kyle think he is successful?
36:50: Where to learn more about Kyle?

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