What would you improve in your family business if you had the opportunity?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host Ben Nelson chats with Nate Fisher about how he got involved with his family’s business. Today, he works in multi-family development, but he couldn’t have done it without partnering with his family members to grow their portfolio.

Nate also shares what he notices to be a trend in terms of housing affordability in specific areas, such as resort towns. He believes that some sort of private and public partnership needs to happen to keep these towns affordable for the workers who must live in the area to operate the resort.

What we discuss:
00:19: About Nate
02:42: Which ski resort did Nate help develop?
03:20: Did Nate always know he was going to be in multi-family real estate?
06:18: What is Nate’s family business?
07:36: What lessons did Nate learn in 2008?
10:06: How does Nate’s company look like today?
14:07: What is Nate’s 5 year goal?
16:05: How important is housing affordability for ski resorts?
20:38: What kind of bets did Nate make on himself to get where he is today?
22:41: What is Nate’s morning routine?
23:29: What books does Nate recommend?
25:42: How important is it to learn how to be a good partner?
26:49: What is Nate’s experience with mentorship and coaching?
27:58: What’s the biggest mistake Nate has made in his career?
29:24: What is Nate’s definition of success?
30:12: Where can you learn more about Nate?

To learn more about Nate:
Website: www.peak10group.com or www.natefisher.net

To learn more about us:
Website: https://www.wildoakcapital.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildoakcapital/
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