Is residential real estate the place to build wealth?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Caleb Johnson about the importance of real estate in some of the wealthiest people’s portfolios. Anyone who has accumulated any substantial amount of wealth in their life has acquired real estate at some point, thus confirming it to be a smart investment decision.

Caleb also shares what he learned about the difference in terms of return on investments that one can make when one decides to invest in commercial real estate instead of residential real estate. What many investors fail to realize is that one commercial real estate unit is almost guaranteed to give you a profit within a much shorter time frame than residential real estate.

What we discuss:
00:34: About Caleb
04:35: How did Caleb get started in real estate?
12:42: Which short-term rental markets is Caleb currently considering?
14:29: Is Caleb still considering the multi-family market?
17:00: What is Caleb’s morning routine?
18:10: What is Caleb’s reading strategy?
19:42: What is Caleb’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
23:56: What books does Caleb recommend?
25:37: What is Caleb’s definition of success?
26:47: Why does Caleb believe he is successful?

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