Are you passionate about what you do for a living?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast. I chat with Brian Luebben about how he went from being a top-performing sales representative in Corporate America to real estate investor. Today, he makes a living through his passive income and passion income generated from a business he built off of his passion for helping others. He explains how he figured out what his passion was and how you can find it too.

Brian also shares how important it is to create a vision for yourself as this creates your map. Without a vision and knowing what your “why” is, you’re spending time and money on goals that will leave you feeling lost and unfulfilled once you accomplished them.

What we discuss:

00:47: About Brian
08:30: How did Brian start his journey?
19:14: What is Brian’s passion income?
29:46: How does Brian’s mastermind work?
33:10: What is Brian’s vision for his work?
35:08: How can you unbox yourself as an entrepreneur?
48:34: What is Brian’s morning routine?
51:17: What book does Brian recommend?
58:17: Where can we learn more about Brian?

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