Are you managing your own properties?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, John Weaver chats with Matt Brawner about the pros and cons of investing in property management instead of doing it yourself. Matt shares a few criteria you should consider when shopping around for property management and what you should expect from the firm you do hire.

Matt also shares what he believes it takes to be both successful as an entrepreneur, but also in today’s particular real estate market. Lastly, he shares his current favorite read, The Psychology of Money, and what it has thought him not only about money but about human behavior when it comes to thinking in the long term.

What we discuss:

01:59: How did Matt get started in real estate?
04:35: Has Matt shifted how he conducts deals given the interest rates?
10:16: What are the benefits of outsourcing property management?
13:39: What advice does Matt have for those who are looking to hire a third-party property management firm?
17:26: What does Matt think it takes to be successful?
20:22: What books does Matt recommend?
22:10: What is Matt’s morning routine?

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