Do you wish you had access to real estate opportunities in the United States but you’re currently overseas?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Tom Groves and James May about the abundance of opportunities that exist in the American real estate market for those who live both in the United States and overseas. Tom and James explain the common concerns or pain points overseas investors may have and the solutions they have available to them.

Tom and Jom also share how important it is to hire a coach. When we look at professional athletes, they all have a coach to shape them into the best athletes that they can be. Thus, professionals shouldn’t be afraid to invest in a coach as well.

What we discuss:
00:40: About Tom and James’ background
05:01: What are Tom and James up to now?
10:03: What does the market look like right now?
14:27: What is Passport REI?
18:41: What is their morning routine like?
21:11: What books do they recommend?
24:21: What is their experience with mentorship and coaching?
27:49: What is their definition of success?
30:09: Why do they think they are successful?
32:28: Where can you learn more about James and Tom?

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