Did you know that after college may be one of the best times to start investing in real estate?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Nate Smith about how he got started in the real estate game straight after college. While it may be tempting to start spending money on whatever cool things we desire with the money we earn in our first job, there is an opportunity in this point of time that many young people fail to grasp. See, at this stage in life, there’s no better time than to save money and heavily invest in real estate given that the responsibilities you have are low.

Nate also shares what books he recommends, his experience with coaching and mentorship, and why he thinks he is successful.

What we discuss:
00:21: About Nate
01:58: How did Nate save up to buy so many properties at such a young age?
06:03: Where is Nate at now?
08:11: How many doors does Nate think is a sweet spot?
09:23: What kind of real estate is Nate buying these days?
23:50: What books does Nate recommend?
28:30: What is Nate’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
29:46: What is Nate’s definition of success?
33:36: Why does Nate think he is successful?
36:50: What is Nate’s morning routine?

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