What does it take to make the transition from working in tech to investing in real estate?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our co-host John Weaver chats with Johnny Wolff about how he got started in real estate when working in tech. He explains how he invested in real estate as a strategy to eventually be able to afford his own residence when the prices of real estate felt out of reach when depending exclusively on his salary.

Johnny also discusses how he started his own tech company, what his morning routine is like, and why he thinks paying the big bucks for mentorship and coaching is not necessary.

What we discuss:
00:39: About Johnny
02:13: How does it work to buy with Homeroom?
05:50: Why did Johnny get into real estate?
12:08: Is there any value in investing out of your home market?
18:44: How do you vet property managers?
22:10: What advice does Johnny have for those starting a business?
25:18: What kind of routines does Johnny have?
27:10: What books does Johnny recommend?
28:30: What is Johnny’s experience with mentorship and coaching?

To learn more about Johnny:
Website: https://johnnywolff.com/
Business: https://livehomeroom.com/

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