Is real estate the only method to cut back on your tax owing?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Brady Slack about the many tax advantages which exist when you invest in real estate. From depreciation to successions, there are plenty of opportunities in real estate to build your wealth and pass it on to the next generation without having to give as much to Uncle Sam.

We also chat about the different investment opportunities which allow you to save on taxes. What we fail to realize is we are all partners with the government – the more active of a partner we are, the more tax savings we can obtain. 


What we discuss:

00:51: About Brady
03:21: What are the best type of properties to buy?
05:49: How does real estate help with taxes?
21:29: What does a deferment look like for a seller?
25:55: What books does Brady recommend?
27:10: What other assets out of real estate are good investments?
29:00: What is Brady’s morning routine?
30:59: What is Brady’s definition of success?

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