How much confidence is too much?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Matt Cavanaugh about the importance of moving forward with confidence in business. However, it’s also important to stay humble and realize while you may know a lot, there’s always more you can learn and someone else can teach you it.

We also chat about what Matt’s definition of success is. While for many people it may be freedom or the ability to do what they want with their time, Matt believes true success is when you have built a life where you don’t feel the need to run away from.


What we discuss:

00:49: About Matt
02:51: Was it hard to leave his profession?
04:35: How did Matt start his business?
12:02: How did Matt’s faith help him in business?
15:37: Is the podcast making Matt happier?
17:38: What is Matt’s podcast about?
20:27: How can you monetize a podcast early?
22:57: What is Matt’s current offer for people?
25:19: What books does Matt recommend?
31:41: What is Matt’s experience with coaching and mentorship?
35:07: What is Matt’s best mindset tip?
38:49: What is Matt’s definition of success?
42:21: Why does Matt believe he is successful?
49:45: Where to learn more about Matt?

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