In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, join us for an invigorating conversation with Clay Spiekman, a successful entrepreneur who decided to push his boundaries beyond the comfort zone. Clay’s story is a masterclass in embracing discomfort, as he transitioned from being a successful entrepreneur to challenging himself with Spartan racing, kickboxing and endurance events. This transformative journey unraveled a new layer of personal strength and grit that is as inspiring as it is motivating.

From his life story, we move to Clay’s latest passion project: the Epic Grit Club, a fusion of business and personal growth. The club aims to unlock the most potent version of its members by combining professional success with personal grit. Clay’s personal journey of balancing his entrepreneurial journey with his passion for Spartan racing and other challenging activities makes him the perfect torchbearer for this initiative. 

Our conversation with Clay also sheds light on the importance of coaching, mentoring and accountability in achieving your goals. We explore the role of accountability groups and the value of having personal mentors. Clay shares his insights about having a mentor, and how it impacts one’s life. He also offers a peek into his current reads, offering you a glimpse into the books that inspire him and mould his perspective. 


What we discuss:

(0:00:02) – The power of grit and embracing discomfort
(0:13:55) – About The Epic Grit Club
(0:27:40) – Is there any value in coaching + Clay’s book recommendations
(0:32:14) – Are accountability groups helpful?


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