Do you tend to adopt a scarcity mindset when it comes to business?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, we chat with Justin Campbell about his compelling journey, marked by faith, resilience and a passion for risk-taking. From flipping his first house to establishing a successful property management business, Justin’s story is a powerful testament to the beauty of trusting God’s plan, even when it leads us into uncharted territories.

Transitioning from vocational ministry to real estate wasn’t an easy move for Justin. However, his faith and a belief in abundance rather than scarcity guided him through the challenges.

The power of mentorship and self-learning played a massive role in Justin’s journey. From gleaning insights from reading biographies of successful people to finding guidance from his mentor, Justin knows the value of learning from others. However, he also emphasizes the role of putting in the work and turning failures into opportunities.


What we discuss:

(0:00:03) – From Pastor to Real Estate

(0:06:45) – Church Leadership to Real Estate Transition

(0:16:29) – Property Management and Flipping Future Plans

(0:19:49) – Biographies and the Value of Mentorship

(0:31:36) – Appreciating an Outstanding and Inspirational Guest


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