Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to balance the thrill of globe-trotting and the responsibilities of running a thriving business? Let me introduce you to Kurt, a maverick real estate investor who found a way to do just that. Kurt spills the beans on his journey – from selling his spray foam insulation business to fueling his real estate dreams. He sheds light on the nuances of real estate investment and underscores the vitality of patience in this field. Reflecting upon his diverse portfolio, from long-term rentals and syndication investments in New Orleans to Airbnb’s in Florida and Colorado, he emphasizes the importance of strategic investment and its role in attaining financial freedom.

Life after retirement can be a daunting period for many, filled with a sense of aimlessness and depression. Kurt and his wife, however, turned this phase into an exciting adventure. They ventured out to explore the world, with Kurt simultaneously setting up a successful business model. The potential pitfalls of retirement, particularly among men, and the importance of finding purpose and drive even post-retirement, form a riveting part of this discussion.

Finally, we delve into Kurt’s unique perspective on success and growth. For Kurt, success is all about freedom – the freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, and a family that loves him unconditionally. He emphasizes the significance of a growth mindset, the power of reinvesting profits into cash-flowing assets, and the importance of focusing on long-term goals rather than momentary, flashy enticements. His narrative is a compelling testament to the power of perseverance, strategic investments, and living life on one’s own terms.


What we discuss:

00:24: About Kurt

05:23: How is Kurt’s AirBnb line of business going?

15:20: What books does Kurt recommend?

22:40: What is Kurt’s experience with coaching and mentorship?

24:22: What mindset tip would Kurt like to share?

27:33: What is Kurt’s definition of success?

28:51: Why does Kurt think he is successful?


To learn more about Kurt:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kurtbuc/?hl=en