Are you paying your people what they are worth?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, our guest Luke Henry shares his journey of how he eventually led him to leave his job as a pharmacist and fully embrace his entrepreneurial spirit with his wife. Together, they embarked on a bold project: buying eight buildings in one block in their hometown, aiming to bring their vision of ‘Main Street, Reimagined’ to life.

Throughout the journey, Luke found wisdom and guidance in books, and he shares some of the key lessons that steered his path. The classic ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ has been instrumental in helping him foster fruitful relationships, while ‘Who, Not How’ and ‘The Compound Effect’ have shaped his approach to business. He also shares his experiences of learning from mistakes and the importance of paying people what they’re worth. In the end, for Luke, it’s not just about success, but significance—earning respect from those who know him best. Plus, he shares about the power of reaching out to connect with great people.

What we discuss:

(0:00:03) – Real Estate Development and Community Revitalization

(0:08:59) – Revitalizing Old Buildings

(0:21:29) – Lessons From Books and Mistakes

(0:24:55) – Learning From Mistakes and Defining Success

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