Ever wondered how a shift in perspective could redefine your career path? 

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, we chat with Mike O’Connor about the details of his evolving career, his self-discovery, and the profound realization that helped him switch gears. Mike’s story teaches us that more often than not, it’s not our jobs that are the problem, it’s our perception and reaction to them.

Mike also discusses his experience with business investment. He stresses on the importance of understanding market rates, the employees, and the business itself before investing. He shares his lessons from underwriting and his take on how brokers can manipulate numbers. Lastly, Mike shares his recommendations for books that provide actionable steps for success. 

What we discuss: 

(00:02) – Corporate Career to Real Estate Journey

(05:00) – Real Estate Investing

(12:10) – Outsourcing for Business Growth

(20:42) – Real Estate Investing and Market Evaluation

(28:53) – Analyzing Business Success and Lessons Learned

(38:07) – Manipulating Numbers and Lessons Learned

(44:19) – Lessons Learned and Definition of Success

To learn more about Mike:

Website: https://nexuspt.io/