Do you own your mistakes or are you ashamed of them?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, I chat with Harvey Yergin about his transition from stay-at-home dad to the world of real estate investing. He did this transition with nothing but a leap of faith and a few thousand dollars for a down payment on a $30,000 house. Harvey’s tale of transformation continues as he turns the tables, moving from buying houses to wearing the wholesaler’s hat himself. 

In our chat, Harvey underscores the power of mentorship and self-reflection in personal growth. He discloses how his brush with death impacted his view of life and emphasizes the alignment of resources with personal values. Harvey’s narrative is an affirmation of the transformative power of trying new things – a testament to his evolution, both personally and professionally. 

What we discuss:

(00:02) – Transitions and Life Experiences

(15:06) – Starting Real Estate Career as Stay-at-Home Dad

(21:44) – Transitioning Careers

(35:55) – The Power of Coaching and Self-Reflection

(42:13) – Learning From Mistakes and Defining Success

(50:53) – The Power of Trying Something New

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