What are the cons of retail leasing?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, I chat with Tony Johnson about commercial non-residential real estate. As a seasoned commercial general contractor and savvy investor, Tony peels back the layers of non-residential property investments, charting a course through the challenges of the entitlement process and zoning intricacies. 

Tony shares the potential pitfalls of retail leasing, the perils of businesses with high failure rates, and the intricacies of location-focused traffic patterns. Moreover, Tony unveils his prowess in the realm of industrial flex buildings, extolling the virtues of these cash flow-friendly, versatile properties. We also dig into insights that transcend real estate, exploring personal development, business growth, and the transformative power of goal setting.

Stepping away from figures and floor plans, we steer the conversation towards longevity goals and the psychology of success. 

What we discuss:

(00:02) – Commercial Real Estate Investing and Development

(06:52) – Negatives and Challenges of Retail Leasing

(12:39) – Industrial Flex Buildings and Cash Flow

(17:32) – Business Owners and Traction Importance

(23:51) – Setting Longevity Goals and Defining Success

(27:25) – Focus on Wins, Learn From Losses

(33:55) – Insights on Life and Goal Setting

To learn more about Tony:

Website: https://timelesspropertiescc.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timelesspropertiescc/