Are you using a self-directed IRA to grow your investment portfolio?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, we chat with Dana Udumulla about retirement planning. We emphasize the importance of diversification and highlight the potential penalties of early withdrawal. We guide you through the variety of reinvestment options available with the profits from your alternative investments. The potential for higher returns and the increasing interest in self-directed IRAs among clients underscores the importance of this discussion. 

We also chat about customer service and the expansive world of investment options in self-directed IRAs, with unique alternatives like real estate and cryptocurrency on the table

What we discuss: 

(00:02) – Investing in Alternative Assets

(11:52) – Retirement Planning With Diversification and Tax Advantages

(18:36) – Exploring Self-Directed IRAs and Alternative Investments

(27:54) – Customer Service and Investment Options

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