Are laundromats still a profitable passive business to invest in?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, we chat with Jordan Berry about the practicalities of investing in laundromats as a route to substantial cash flow. This episode highlights how an overlooked sector like laundromat ownership can be a genuine game-changer for anyone venturing into the real estate market. Jordan discusses  maintaining accurate financial records, ensuring smooth business purchases, and the immense benefits that come with owning a laundromat.

We also discuss the future of the laundry industry and the potential of laundromats to serve as community catalysts. Lastly, we venture into the importance of mindset shifts within the industry and debunking the scarcity mindset myth with the power of abundance. 

What we discuss: 

(06:09) – Buying a Laundromat

(10:43) – Overcoming Challenges in Business Ownership

(21:22) – Freedom and Growth in Business

(27:37) – Investing in Laundromats for Cash Flow

(41:53) – Future of Laundry Industry

(45:41) – Transforming Communities Through Laundromat Businesses

(55:57) – Abundance Mindset and Resource Sharing

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