What happens when you lose everything?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, we chat with Joel Friedland about property acquisition, syndication, and the art of building equity for long-term wealth. By delving into the concept of real estate syndication, we highlight the key roles of low debt and high equity in successful investments. 

From understanding how to maintain a low loan-to-value ratio to navigating the shifting landscape of securities laws around syndication advertising, we cover it all in this episode. Lastly, we also talk about the power of relationships and the importance of asking the right questions. 

What we discuss: 

(00:03) – Real Estate Career and Property Acquisitions

(12:34) – Debt, Equity, and Real Estate Syndication

(21:40) – Real Estate Due Diligence Importance

(32:37) – Building Trust in Real Estate Investing

(45:03) – Clear Expectations and Great Real Estate

To learn more about Joel:

Website:  https://britproperties.com/