How much time do you invest in personal development?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset podcast, we chat with Jake Porter about his journey from being a pastor guiding his flock in Houston to the founder of Daring Ventures, where he now aids individuals grappling with addiction and trauma. This episode offers an intimate look at the emotional undercurrents that drive our reactions and behaviors. We uncover the complex roots of emotional triggers and discuss the intricate web of self-talk and belief systems. We also delve into family dynamics, how they shape our approach to addiction, and the strategies we can employ as parents to foster an environment of love and boundaries, drawing wisdom from thought leaders like Brené Brown.

Jake reminds us that personal development is the bedrock of not only business success but also fulfilling relationships. This episode is a tapestry of insights, from the significance of mindset shifts in couple’s therapy to the delicate art of instilling honesty and moderation in our children—lessons that promise to resonate long after you’ve listened.

What we discuss:

(00:02) – Pastor to Addiction Counselor Transition

(07:35) – Life’s Lessons From Personal and Professional Challenges

(15:24) – Understanding Emotional Triggers and Addictive Behaviors

(29:07) – Family Systems, Addiction, and Parenting

(34:02) – Understanding Addiction and Parenting

(48:33) – Rebuilding Trust in Relationships With Polygraph

(01:00:33) – Powerful Episode on Mindset and Relationships


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