Do you struggle with a lack of motivation when working towards your goals?

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, we chat with Mike Mannino about his struggle with Chron’s disease and how he powered through with mindset work and spirituality. Mannino started investing in real estate at a very young age, driven by his hard work ethic due to the struggles he had to push through as young as 13 years old.

Mike grew up knowing real estate could bring wealth. He leaned into delayed gratification and started flipping houses rather than buying new cars and throughout his younger years of flipping houses, he used the power of positive thinking to continue changing not only his own life but his father’s as well. 

The power of positive thinking (believing he would be successful) and consistently sharing his journey played a massive role in Mike’s journey. Allowing others to watch his real estate journey gave him access to investors, which in turn built his real estate business from single family housing to multi family housing. Mike centered his goals around other people to consistently motivate his work ethic. This focus on others drove his discipline to work hard so that friends and family could build wealth alongside him. Mike advises always making your goals around others because it will drive you to work harder than what you would do for yourself. 


What we discuss:


(0:00:30) – Mindset and Struggling With Disease At A Young Age

(0:03:45) – Transitioning into the Real Estate Wealth Mindset

(0:12:00) – Single Family Units to Multi-Family Units 

(0:13:00) – Sharing Your Journey for Marketing

(0:19:50) – How To Maximize Profit and Minimize Taxes

(0:23:20) – Future Real Estate Plans

(0: 27:20) -Mindset and Growing A Team 

(0:31:00) – How To Get Into Real Estate – Getting Over The Nerves

(0:34:30) – Book Recommendations 


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